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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

These forty years in the wilderness

"You shall remember how the Lord your God
has led you on the entire journey, these forty
years in the wilderness--so that He might
humble you and test you to know what was
in your heart, whether or not you would
keep His commands." Deuteronomy 8:2

This verse calls for a solemn review of our
life--how far we have redeemed the time
--or to what extent we have trifled it away.

We should be humbled at the recollection of
how frequently we grumbled--because His way
was not the one we desired. We should judge
ourselves unsparingly--because we so often
lagged behind, and sought to turn aside into
forbidden bypaths. We should ponder the
amazing grace of God in condescending to
lead us across this trackless desert; and think,
too, of His infinite forbearance in continuing to
lead us--who are so ungrateful and intractable.

We should praise Him for having kept us in the
Narrow Way--which we would have certainly
forsaken--had we been left to follow the bent
of our own evil lusts. And we also should return
fervent thanks--that we are now a year's march
nearer to our Heavenly Home.

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