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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

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Q: CrossTalk focuses on the intersection between Scripture and real life. Why did you write it?

A: I wrote this book because I need it! As a biblical counselor who also trains other counselors, my daily challenge is to bring the good news of God’s redemption to my counselees’ lives—and to help others do the same. We need to keep asking how the Bible addresses the complexities of our personal lives (or another’s life), but there aren’t many places to turn for help. I need a resource to help me bridge the gap between then (when Scripture was written) and now (when I or others are struggling with life issues).

Q: So once we’ve become familiar with God’s Story and the individual’s story, what is the end goal?

A: The goal of reading Scripture and reading people together is to help others increasingly reflect the character and kingdom priorities of Jesus Christ. The goal of connecting Scripture with life is nothing less than changed lives, a changed community, and a changed world.

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