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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Denise from Southern California (1/7/2011)

“ Ashamed! ”

I was there during both speaking engagements, and I was stunned, not only at the apathy of most of the audience at this particular sermon, but convicted of my own coldness of heart. You won't know by listening to this sermon, but Washer walked off of stage and out the doors rather than give the typical prayer and "thank you". As he was walking outside, he silenced the starting of applause with a "No, don't!" As unconventional as that was, it jarred me to conviction. I as well as a handful of the people there, shared the shame of our apathy for the cross. According to sources on campus, there was salvation that day; praise the LORD! Keep up the fight Brother Paul. We are starting to listen in spite of all the distractions that clutter our lives and minds. God is doing a work through you.

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