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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hazakim - Salvation Plan

Verse 2 ~ Stephen the Levite

The Day of Atonement is here! We're at the top of Golgotha watchin' the slaughter/ as God the Father is offered a spotless Lamb on a cross bruh/ The Eternal Word tabernaclin' wit' us/ stricken, smitten and afflicted for all the sin we commited// Before the beginning, the Lord decreed the ordinance/ that these horrible sins would be borne by Him who's born innocent/ so a picture is painted for us in scripture/ through rituals we get visual hints of what He was sent for:// Consider Him in His intercession for sinners/ it's more than similar, it is an intentional fulfillment of/ the High Priest the Mediator between the/ Deity and the dirty who need and plead to be cleaned up// so baptism is happenin' at the Laver/ a symbolism of cleansin' and being buried and raised up/ This is identification with the Savior/ and after justification we enter the Holy Place bruh// Now behold the glow of the golden Menorah/ it's the Messiah, the Light of the world in all He is Lord of/ Peep the table and see the body that's broken/ the blood of the New Covenant it's the wine and the shewbread// The prayers of the saints are offered up with the incense/ since the veil has been ripped, through His body we have an "En:trance"/ call it the mercy seat we call it the Throne of Grace/ the presence of the King of Kings in the Most Holy Place//

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