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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Available May 3, 2011 from Granted Ministries

It is our opinion that Spiritual Depression: Its Causes and Cure is one of the finest Christian books that has been written. We have brought this edition into print ourselves in order to make it available in hardback, together with an MP3 audio disc containing the messages which generally made up the book. If you are unfamiliar with Martyn Lloyd-Jones, this book is a very good introduction to him. Because we have published the book ourselves, we would refer you to the "Publisher's Description" tab in order to see what we think. We would commend it to every Christian who is at least a few years into the Christian walk. But we would especially urge every pastor or counselor to read the book again and again. This is the kind of book that can completely transform your ministry and understanding of the application of Scripture.

New to our edition:
Biographical Foreword by Geoffrey Thomas; hardback, smythe-sewn binding; MP3 audio disc.

It should be stated that, while written by a former doctor, the book does not really deal with the medical treatment of depression (and Lloyd-Jones doesn't claim that). There are certainly rare occassions when the symptoms of depression can be so difficult that medicines should be used to help peel away the surface problems, clearing the way to deal with the deeper issues. There are also other physical causes of depression, as Lloyd-Jones points out in his book, which perhaps at times should be dealt with in a medicinal way. Never, however, should the primacy of the life-giving truths of Scipture be laid aside to take up other methods.

Due to contractual limitations, this book is not available for retail sale in the U.S., except on our website, together with the MLJ Recordings Trust USA website. Outside of the United States, you may purchase it through your local Christian bookstore.

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