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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Granted Ministries Press

We're excited about this latest book from Granted Ministries Press!
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As you know, we do our level best to bring you resources that can truly help you. And we think this is one of the most helpful books for several groups of Christians:

1) those who struggle with joy in the Christian life: the reason the author wrote the book was to combat this issue of joylessness. It has done just that throughout the last 45 years. It is as fresh and helpful today as it ever was. The book is full of invigorating truth and real, practical help from the Scripture about how to fight for joy in the Christian life.
2) those who do any sort of counseling with Christians: in any kind of work, one of the most helpful ways to learn is to sit alongside a veteran master and simply learn by watching him at his craft. Lloyd-Jones was one of the most trusted and sought-after counselors of his day. His wisdom and approach create a model from which we all can learn.
3) those who minister the Word, or who aim to do so: one of the best ways to learn to preach is to listen to great preachers; not to steal their style or emulate their way of speaking, but to learn from their method and manner of applying the Word of God.
4) those desiring to more deeply apply the truths of Scripture: Spiritual Depression is simply one of the most remarkable books we have read. As Conrad Mbewe mentioned in a recent video interview, the way in which the Bible is applied to the emotional and psychological issues that Christians face is simply eye-opening to many. Most of the people we know who have read this book were helped in far more areas than "depression." George Verwer calls it something of a "manual for the Christian life."

*Due to contractual limitations this book is offered exclusively on two websites in the USA. and Outside of the USA, the book is available from Granted Ministries Press through your local Christian bookstore.

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